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The Art of the Cart

Never before has so much attention been given to the shopping cart as now. With the customer’s mail box getting flooded with coupons from deal sites, the customer has become a lot more price conscious. Getting a customer to come to your site, and be excited enough by your product to add it to the cart is great. But to get the customer to carry that cart all the way through checkout is a completely different ball game.

The E-commerce game revolves around the cart. With conversion rates at E-commerce stores ranging between 1% – 7%, and each percentage point becomes ever so important. There are many things that can be done to fix the cart. Here’s a look at what some of the leading etailers in India are doing to keep their shopping carts conversion rates high. We looked at,,,, and Here are the findings:


I loved the bit where they point out the availability of Cash-on-Delivery as a payment option for the items in the cart. I like how “Proceed to checkout” is the main highlighted button, whereas everything else is in a lighter colour, such the “continue shopping” button.


The blue-eyed boys of Indian Ecommerce have a fairly straight-forward shopping cart. Its one of the few that show the cart in a ajax pop-up. ( also does the same). The ajax part is nice, because it doesn’t wait for a page to load. However, I believe that this can somehow reduce the conversion rate.



Rediff’s cart is probably the simplest no-frills cart amongst the major retailers. Not what I would recommend. The only good part perhaps is that they have no other element in the page.


Fantastic cart. My favourite. Not surprisingly its probably the one of the most successful site in the Indian Ecommerce market, and I’m excluding their auction related sales. Its got a bunch of options that a customer might want to see including help through live chat, product thumbnails, payment options, discount / savings information, next steps, and very importantly, it does a very good job of cross-selling.





Probably the most expensive platform in the history of Indian Ecommerce yet. Their cart doesn’t disappoint. Its got almost all the elements laid out well. I think their design could be much better, but they seem to get most check marks as far as the cart essentials go. I like them showing the progressive steps of the cart along with the live chat help icon.

Also like the fact that they provide a very prominent place to add any coupon details. Many site leave this to the final page before they provide this option. I think the earlier you allow your customers to see the benefit the better it is.


Also they do a good job of cross-selling, which is so crucial. If you can even get 10% of your customers to add something from the suggested list, thats a huge revenue.



Murali Balan is a Director at Tenovia, and shares Tenovia’s mission of helping businesses do business online. He has around 10 years of experience in Ecommerce technologies and business practices.

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