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Important Dates in the Indian Ecommerce Calendar – Part 1

In India, like in other countries Ecommerce has its key periods in a year, in which site visitors seem to be running around with their wallets in hand, eager to punch in their credit card numbers and buy something. Show them a discount during the diwali season and they are twice as likely to buy.

The sites that do the best business during the ‘season’ are the ones that are best prepared for it. It really helps to identify and anticipate the days / weeks / months during which customers are more likely to spend.

Here are a list of dates during which you will get a spike in your sales

Diwali – This is the big daddy of holiday sales in India (the closest equivalent to Christmas holiday season in India). This period starts off almost a month or two before Diwali. If you’re smart, you’ll target the corporates for corporate gifting orders a couple of months before Diwali. Give them e- gift vouchers of your site at discounted rates. Take bulk orders for attractive discounts. More importantly become part of the corporate gifting market, as this is going to grow significantly in the years ahead (its already HUGE).

Target NRIs during this season.

Tie up with gifting sites which are popular destinations for NRIs to come and search for gifts during Diwali.

People spend a lot of time around Diwali on facebook, wishing their families, looking at pictures of their friends, so it helps to spend money on advertising on Facebook.

….to be continued