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Important Dates in the Indian Ecommerce Calendar – Part 3 (Final)

Okay…so we started with Diwali, Children’s day, but here is a summary of the most important dates in the Indian Ecommerce calendar that a retailer should not ignore. So make sure you plan your promotions in advance. Monitor the performance of your promotions, analyze your earnings and learnings and get ready to better it with the next event in the calendar.

1. Dussera – Kick start the holiday season with this 10 day long period. Lots of money gets spent around this time.

2. Diwali – The ‘big-daddy’ of Indian festivals. Make a lot of noise around this one with your offers and promos.

3. Christmas – Lots of money gets spent on the lead up to this day. Make sure you get part of that dough.

4. New Years – Excellent time for renewed energy. Start the new year with the right deals with the goal to engage the customer throughout the year.

5. Pongal (Tamil) – You don’t want to miss out on the 2nd largest festival in the country’s most prosperous state. Get regional, get local and gain the goodwill.

6. Valentine’s day – Shiv Sena might oppose it, but the online community absolutely goes nuts over it. Spending surges for the 3 – 4 days before it. Good time to attract young customers.

7. Republic Day – Spruce up your site with saffron, green, white and blue. Give your discount coupons a patriotic angle. :)

8.  Holi – Holi is big for gifting. Across India and from the NRI community. Make sure you’re part of it.

9.  Mid – April (New years day in Southern India and parts of North India) – Gifting is part of the tradition especially within the family. So apparel and accessory related sites would be well advised to offer discounts and partner with discount stores.

10.  Independence Day – Time for you to ‘bleed blue’ in your discounts. Believe me, its a good thing. Target the patriotic sentiments. Ensure you have products / discounts to go for the occasion. If you’re an international brand, its a good time to score local brownie points.

11. Gandhi Jayanthi – Promote all things ‘desi’.

12. Cricket Fever – You cannot be part of the Indian Ecommerce scene and not be affected by cricket fever. Rather than worry about low traffic on big match days, embrace the cricket fever and become a part of it. Your customers will love you. Create memorabilia that can be bought from your site, or given free on certain conditions with every purchase, or some other interesting cricket related promotions.