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Checklist for your E-commerce store

If you’re the owner of a retail business and are taking your business online, here is a quick checklist:

1. Business Plan – Set the budget, make the goals, treat this as a different business.

2. Get the processes in place – Take the time to invest in this, as effort here will result in lesser troubles

3. The bigger the dream, the more important the team – Recruit a person who knows the online space and is passionate to take the responsibility of taking your business online.

4. Platform – Select the right technology platform. There is a lot of choice. Find technology partners who know the ecommerce space, have a good mix of experience and passion. Make sure the platform is optimized for Search Engines.

5. Order Management Systems – Ensure that the orders you receive are turned around in no time.

6. Right packaging for your orders – The importance of this cannot be overstated.

7. Payment Gateway - Pick the partner that makes it easy for your customers to pay, and for your business to afford.

8. Logistics partner – Very important. Pick a company that takes customer service very seriously. Bad experiences for your customers with courier companies will reflect directly on you.

9. Marketing Plan - Must include a plan to get and stay on top of search engine rankings. Set aside budgets for search engine marketing.

10. Social Media – Scream about your new online business on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Build a following. Offer your fans some compelling reason to keep coming back.

11. Customer Service – Be the of your business. Beat your competition when it comes to customer service.