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Sustainable Packaging in Ecommerce

Was at Coonoor (a gorgeous-sleepy hill station town in the Nilgiris) over the weekend, and was amazed at how the entire town, and increasingly the entire region, is saying no to plastic.

They have the same retail chains who dole out plastic bags across India, providing cloth / paper bags at the checkout counters. Incredible. Amazing what a little firm initiative from the local government can do.

Makes me wonder when the same focus is going to come into the world of Ecommerce. Today some of the leading online retailers are still dumping the customer with excessive non-sustainable packaging. Its time all of us in the industry looked into this and did something about it.

I’m starting today by trying to find vendors who supply sustainable packaging materials so that I can recommend them to our clients.

I’m convinced that it will make a difference for the customers as well to know that the company that they shop with is green. It should be a differentiator and for those e-retailers complying with it should be making some noise about it.

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