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KISS Principles in Ecommerce

In an Ecommerce business you have a lot of variables that can steal the focus away from your core activities. For example Business Heads at various E-tailing / Ecommerce companies have to constantly dabble with issues like evolving technologies, optimizing search results for a new category, site design and re-design, a new A/B testing campaign, competition’s discounts, Social media campaigns, bugs on the site that refuse to go away, etc.

Its easy to get distracted and lose sight of the bigger picture sometimes. And thats why its so important that we stick to the basics and adopt the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principle. An Etail Business Head should obsessively focus on the following:

1. Drive Traffic to the site

2. Ensure the site is fast and easy to use

3. Provide fantastic value to your customers

4. Ensure GREAT customer service

5. Deliver your products on or before time

6. Ensure post sale engagement with your customers / Get customers to come back

If you do the above right, everything else will fall into place. So ensure that you’re spending your team’s energy equally, in the above areas. And remember, the bigger the dream, the more important the team.

So depending on the size of your operations / revenues, start creating teams that revolve around each of these areas. There are a lot of other areas that can be listed above such as managing vendors, accounts, legal, etc but thats where the KISS principle works so well. Take care of the basics and everything else will fall into place. Focus on building solid foundations.

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