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Great Online Shopping Festival

Last week, on 12/12/12, Google had a one day festival called GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival) – where they promoted some 90 Indian online stores. They were gunning for something similar to Cyber Monday in the US, where there are crazy deals online just for a day.

The response in India for GOSF was fantastic, showing what the consumption capacity is in India.

On an average across retailers, sales increased by a whopping 200%, with apparels and electronics as the lead categories.

On an average 60% of the customers who came in to participating retailers sites were new. So the cost of customer acquisition went down drastically for these retailers thanks to Google’s push.

Not surprisingly, Google kept its branding out of the entire exercise. They’re treating it as an R&D exercise to give them better perspective of the Indian Ecommerce space. [You'd think they'd know it all thanks to Google Analytics and Google Adwords - :)]GOSF

MicroFormats – Now on 10Commerce

Here is an update on our most recent product feature: 10Commerce now uses Microformats.

WHATWG came up with Microformats, a specification that helps search engines access and process data semantically from web pages. Microformats helps technologies such as search engines and web crawlers better understand what information is contained in a web page. And because it helps the search engines understand the content better, the search engines pass on the benefit to its users. So the users can better understand what the pages contain before they even click on them.Makes for a better web, doesn’t it?

For those who are more technically minded, please read on.

Here is the news release from Google talking about its’ support of Microformats –

Microformats can be used to include data on multiple data types. A few relevant ones are included below:

  • Microformats for e-commerce: for products, offers, reviews, etc.
  • Microformats for  people
  • Microformats for events
  • Microformats for local businesses, addresses, etc

Terms used for Microformats in Code part

      • itemscope – Creates the Item and indicates that descendants of this element contain information about it.
      • itemtype – A valid URL of a vocabulary that describes the item and its properties context.
      • itemid – Indicates a unique identifier of the item.
      • itemprop – Indicates that its containing tag holds the value of the specified item property. The properties name and value context are described by the items vocabulary. Properties values usually consist of string values, but can also use using the a element and itshref attribute, the img element and its src attribute, or other elements that link to or embed external resources
      • itemref – Properties that are not descendants of the element with the itemscope attribute can be associated with the item using this attribute. Provides a list of element itemids with additional properties elsewhere in the document.


MicroFormats in Ecommerce

Here is an example of Microformats being used in

Reviews , Product Price and Product stock are the microdata. Google analyzes the product detail page that it crawled through using the microformats / microdatas as its guide and shows the result on its search engine as shown above.

Example code:

<div itemscope itemtype=””>
<span itemprop=”name”>Sony 24inch TV</span>
<span itemprop=”price”>$2356</span>
<span itemprop=”availability”>In Stock</span>
<span itemprop=”brand”>Sony</span>
<span itemprop=”identifier”>ISBN </span>
<span itemprop=”identifier”>sku</span>

The above is the code you would need to include in your product detail page.

If you would like to test out how your page / site works using microformats you can test it out using the following tool:

Some reference sites for further reading:

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