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How ready is your E-commerce for T-Commerce?

Touch commerce or Tablet commerce has certainly made a strong impact in the E-commerce market and it is certainly here to stay.

Here are some interesting global facts on tablets’ impact on e-commerce.

1. Massive rise in the number of tablet sales:

2. More online sales on tablets than on smartphones.

3. People with tablets have higher average order values than those without tablets.
What retailers must know and do:

1. A mobile site is not enough. Its time to build an app for the tablet users.

2. Have a strategy for tablets that ties in to their overall branding.

3. Show off the cataloguing in a richer experience. Focus on products. Use larger fonts. Use better images. Remember users do love to zoom on their tablets.

4. They’re getting cheaper by the month, and the number of tablets in India will double every year (reaching 23.38 million by 2017).

5. The tablet user is part of an entire new generation of power spenders. Treat them well. Typically, those who own a tablet are early adopters and tend to spend more online and are more open in general to try out new things or aspire for the coolness quotient. In other words they’re ideal for e-commerce. Online retailers couldn’t dream for a better mix.

Channel specific strategy vs a Consumer Strategy

In the Ecommerce business you quickly realize that lots of Marketing Managers compartmentalize strategies for TV, radio, print, strategy, print, online, mobile and social. Very often they have different teams working in different ‘silos’ to work on these different channels. I cannot tell you how often the online / etailing division just seems to be out there on its own, with nowhere the same kind of emphasis that say mass media gets, or even social gets.

Whats so often missed is a seamless strategy that just focuses on the consumer irrespective of the medium.

Its nice to say that convergence is the keyword and all that jazz, but very few execute it in a seamless manner which follows a customer
from awareness through mass media,
making it easy to research and review the brand and its products and services online with helpful reviews and videos,
and being present in the relevant search online when customers search for the products and services,
and then making it easy on the mobile to find the products and services closest on a geographical basis or in an online medium
and lastly being able to influence others about your brand on the social medium.

The strategies need not be built around the channels, but all around the consumer and thats easier said than done.

At Tenovia with 10Commerce we’re pushing ourselves and our customers to make things more consumer centric at all touchpoints that we interact with our customer’s customers on: Online, Mobile, Social, and Direct. Okay so thats the self publicity bit. Its our blog after all. :)

Must Watch: Tesco’s Online Grocery Shopping Strategy in South Korea

Came across an awesome youtube post that showcases the strategy used by Tesco to promote its online shopping business in the extremely competitive Koream online grocery market.


Any takers for the same in the Indian Grocery chains? Spencer’s Daily / More / Reliance Fresh / anyone? :)

E-Commerce In India – The Second Coming


Very interesting article which was Forbes’ cover story for their July issue.




How mobiles devices get used online

The Nielson Company recently came out with its research report which showed how users use their mobile devices. With there being such a dog fight about attracting customers online, I think its time that the Indian Retailers start using mobile Commerce as another medium to engage the customer.