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Buzz in the Investment Community on Ecommerce in India

Just attended a event yesterday in Mahabalipuram, which mostly consisted of panel discussions featuring VCs from leading Venture Capital and PE companies, and founders of exciting start-ups.

One point stuck out quite a bit from the event. Rahul Khanna, MD, Canaan Partners (a $3 Billion global fund with a presence in India) shared the following statistics about the deals in the Indian Ecommerce industry:

Jan 07 – Dec 10 => 3 year period => Number of deals: 28; Deal Size: $60 ┬ámillion
Jan 10 – June 11 => 1.5 year period => Number of deals: 32; Deal Size: $102 million

So the last 1.5 years has seen more deals than the previous 3, and the deal sizes have been approximately twice as well. (Maybe the numbers might be off a few million here and there, but basically the point remains).

That statistic should be a boost in the arm for those folks who have started their Ecommerce ventures in India.

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