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The Smile Commerce

Met Pavithra K Mehta from Service Space a couple of days back and got to know of this organization which has its very own take on how commerce can be simplified. Something worth sharing.
The concept is one what they call “pay-it-forward”. So the idea is that you do a complete random act of niceness towards a total stranger and somehow let them know that all they have to do is to not repay the act of kindness, but to in-turn do another random act of niceness to someone else.

The idea pretty much stems from the concept of living in abundance; in a world where you have more than enough to do that small-something-extra for someone else when its not expected, and not in exchange for any monetary benefit. Think paying toll for the car behind at a toll booth, or paying for coffee for the table next to you at a cafe. And doing it anonymously if possible. The core idea: spread random niceness. It doesn’t cost much. And in a world so driven by commerce, it’s a refreshing difference.

Talk about commerce that makes you smile! :)